Peeker's as the days go by I can't believe my eyes!!! We are on the forbes glampreneurs as they call it list. We can't thank forbes enough for thus wonderful opportunity!!! We are so excited and we want you to be excited too. Thank you for all your l

Holiday Gifts OH My

Peeker's check out our website all year long we have some wonderful new products for you! Check out our new christmas palette in Snow ANGEL its the right colors to have some festive fun. Check out our first ever perfect pen liquid eyeliner in Black S

Business News Daily

Peeker's we are featured in Business News Daily!!! What an honor it is to share my life with them and my business journey. Thank you business news daily for this opportunity we really appreciate it!!!To read full article click on the link below:http:


Peeker's we are featured in again......what an honor!!! We are so happy and grateful for this opportunity. Read on about how so many executives are inspired in their businesses. To read the full article click on the link below: http

Blog VS Vlogs

In today's world everyone's blogging and vlogging...Peeker's what is it that you like to do? Blogging is when you write about an event or situation that is, has or had happened to you or someone that you know or known.  Vlogging is a video of a