We have the best video

Peeker's we are featured on products.com. They did the best video on Peeks and our products. Products.com is a major blog site and they are amazing...Peeker's you must check them out!!! To view the full video of Peeks review click on the link be

The Best Way To Wear Orange

Peeker's "All In The Blush" says we are in the top 7 best ways to wear orange!!!! This is very excited to be featured in all in the blush top 7 beauty products!!! We can't believe this and we are over the moon with this excited feature. To read the f

Edge Media Network

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Liberty Weaver channel

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Wispy Little Girl......we are on!!!

Peeker's we can't be more excited to be featured in "wispy little girl"!!! We can't thank you enough for this amazing article!!! Peeker's we are on our way thanks to everyone for all their love and supportTo read full article click on the link below: